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UST Compliance & Testing

It’s our mission to help Iowa’s retail marketers navigate the new UST regulations. Unified is an Iowa based small business, striving to support other Iowa small businesses.

Environmental Compliance with state and federal EPA regulations, is critical to the sustainability of your business. Unified has 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry. This means that we understand the importance of keeping your petroleum equipment in compliance with state and federal requirements.

We test and service all aspects of the petroleum industry, from large Truck Stops to small Ma and Pa retail stations, to Commercial Facilities and Emergency Power Generators. 

Unified Compliance/Testing Services Include: 

  • Containment Sump Testing

  • Spill Bucket Testing

  • Overfill Prevention Testing

  • Vapor Recovery Testing

  • Cathodic Protection Testing

  • Annual Line and Leak Detector Testing

  • Leak Detection Functionality Testing

  • Regular & High Flow Prover Calibration

  • Monthly/Annual Walkthrough Inspections

  • Iowa DNR Compliance Inspections

  • Regulatory document record keeping

  • Inspection/Testing tracking

  • Custom Compliance Packages

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