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December 2023

Service Division Expands

Unified's Service Division lead by Jon Medina has worked hard over the course of 2023 to expand their service area and customer service experience.

Unified has 2 full time petroleum service technicians that provide outstanding service from tank pad to dispensers to inside point of sale.


What sets Unified's Service division apart from the competition?
Unified has one of the most versatile and diversified group of service technicians.

Our technicians work in all areas of the petroleum system not just the dispensers. Unified is one of the only companies who's licensed installers, testers, and electricians can assist with service calls at a facility.

Call the Unified Office at 515-266-5700 for a service call to your facility!


November 2020


Unified Contracting Services is happy to announce its new Compliance and Testing Division, under the direction of Compliance Coordinator, Cara Ingle.


Cara has worked in the petroleum industry for the last 5 years with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) in the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section. She helped train Iowa’s UST professionals and educate Iowa’s station owners on state regulations.


Cara has worked alongside Iowa’s stakeholders to draft and implement the new UST regulations in Iowa. She understands the concerns of the new testing requirements and looks forward to helping owners overcome them. Many of you have worked with Cara and know she has an excellent record of customer relations and timely service delivery. We know Cara will deliver the quality of service you have come to expect from Unified.


It’s our mission to help Iowa’s retail marketers navigate the new UST regulations. Unified is an Iowa based small business, striving to support other Iowa small businesses.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the new regulations. Partner with Unified and we will ensure you meet the requirements and complete testing specific to your UST system. Every system is different and should be treated as such. The large petroleum contractor companies will blanket you with a generic testing plan they use nationwide. Unified delivers a strategy that is customized to you.


Start meeting the new state UST testing requirements today. Contact Cara’s office line at (515) 266-5700 or cell (515) 217-0803 to create your compliance and testing schedule specific to your needs and your UST system design.

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